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      Shanghai Ying Shi Dan Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an integrated power technology manufacturer specializing in R & D, production, sales, information and service under the guidance of domestic electrical technical engineers. The company's products are produced in accordance with the electric power standards, the pursuit of quality improvement and efficiency "is the consistent management policy of our factory. We have been committed to improving the efficiency of business, installation and service efficiency, saving time and reducing costs for customers from all aspects. The quality of the company's monograph and the after-sale service are undisputable, so there is no particular way. The spirit of sincere and sincere production, conscientious production, and always adhere to the spirit concept of "developing with science and technology, seeking the core of efficiency and innovation and pragmatism", our products have exported to many countries and regions in the world and entered Europe and the Middle East. And the machinery matching market of Africa and so on.

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      Sales Hotline
      National Toll Free Hotline :400 -0089-078
      Sales Tel: +86-029-85293875 (Tian)
      Sales Fax: +86-029-85294216
      Sales Mobile: 13629278815 (Tian) 13629279232 (Business Support)


      Yingshidan adhering to the "dedication" service concept, implementing the "customer focus" principle, the establishment of a systematic pre-sale, sale and service system for the whole process. On the basis of the existing sales and service network, based on the use of information technology to improve customer relationship management, the implementation of ongoing tracking service to customers, timely collection of market information, accurate knowledge of customer needs, providing a full range of personalized services to customers, with the greatest efforts to customer satisfaction is our goal with no ending!

      Human Resources

      English Zidane actively expand channels cited only take "two into the multi-channel" the full range cited only way. First, the market went into all kinds of talent, attracting various categories of personnel required. Second went into universities, participate in activities such as personnel dialogue Tsinghua University, Beijing University and other institutions of higher education, and university personnel to negotiate, communicate, conduct two-way choice; Yucai agreement and signed in Xi'an Jiaotong University and other colleges and universities, to solve the British Zidane career development talent source problem. In addition, through international cooperation, headhunting company, set up websites and other channels attract talent talent.

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      Shanghai YingShiDan Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
      National Toll Free Hotline :400 -0089-078 Phone 021 -61,556,622 Fax 021 -59580838 Contact: Mr. Tian